ACT Homecam: ACT Fibernet launches the ACT Homecam surveillance camera with bidirectional calling, motion detection, night vision and more

Broadband The service provider ACT Fibernet has announced the introduction of a new surveillance camera called ACT homecam in the India.
The new surveillance camera is easy to install, has advanced intelligent functions and also works via WiFi. The camera is suitable for home users, home offices, and retail stores.
ACT Homecam: Price and availability
The ACT Homecam can be purchased for Rs 2,249 + tax. Or the Internet service provider also offers the camera for a monthly subscription price of Rs 200. However, the subscription model requires users to make a deposit of Rs 500.
The ACT Homecam can be purchased from the ACT Fibernet website and App.
ACT Homecam: features
The ACT Homecam works with the TP-Link Tapo app, which is available in the Google Play Store. In addition, the camera works with Wi-Fi and the feed from the camera can be streamed from anywhere in the world via the app. The camera also supports a multi-cam setup.
In terms of technical data, the surveillance camera has a 2 megapixel sensor that can record up to 1080p footage. It has a viewing angle of 110 degrees and comes with it too Night vision Support for up to 30 feet of distance.
The ACT Homecam supports microSD cards with up to 128 GB, which supposedly offer storage space of up to 24 days.
Other functions include motion detection, scheduled recording, data protection mode, bidirectional voice calls, pan and tilt support and much more.


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