Android 12 with the Extra Dim feature, here’s what it is

Google is set to roll out the Android 12 update to Android Smartphones soon. The company has already been rolled out Developer preview for the same.
In the third developer preview, a new feature called “Extra Dim” was discovered, according to a report from Droid Life.
The report includes a screenshot for the feature showing how Google describes the feature to “darken your screen so it’s easier to read”. It is intended for times when the “default minimum brightness level for your phone is still too bright” or when you use your phone in dark situations such as at night or in a dark room before bed.
Users can turn it on using a quick settings switch in the quick settings shortcut. Alternatively, users can find it in the phone’s Settings app, then go to Accessibility and select Extra Dim.
Earlier this month, a report from XDA developers claimed that Google was working on some desktop-like features for its mobile operating system. The function in question is the recycle bin. Which will serve as the recycle bin for Android.
The report claimed that the trash can be found under the smartphone’s main settings app. Speculation suggests that the Recycle Bin works similarly on Android as it does on Android Windows and Mac operating systems.



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