Apex Legends goes mobile, beta testing begins this month in India and the Philippines

Apex Legends Mobile was first heard in 2019 when EA announced the idea of ​​bringing the game to mobile devices.
EA has finally announced the Apex Legends Mobile. The game will be available for the first time in beta, which the company says will be released later this month.
Initially, the beta test will be available to a few thousand players in India and the Philippines. The publisher says the game will be rolled out to other regions in the coming years.
In addition, EA Gas dropped the early idea of ​​the game.
The company first made it clear that it was a new version of Apex Legends based on the concept of the original games.
Also, the game will be optimized for touch screens with tweaked controls and tweaks for mobile devices for better performance Gaming Experience.
Apex Legends Mobile is expected to be available on both Android and iOS operating systems. As well as PC and console versions, the mobile version will also be available free of charge.
Another thing to note here is that the game does not offer crossplay or cross-platform gameplay.
Meanwhile, despite India’s ban, PUBG Mobile He currently tops the table with over 1 billion downloads. Only time will tell whether the Apex Legends Mobile will be able to give it stiff competition or not.


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