APP: Do not install this APKPure version. App Store infected with malware, report says

APKPure, an unofficial one App save for Android Platform that has been infected with malware that could install dangerous Trojans on your Android devices, says cybersecurity firm Kaspersky in a blog post.
APKPure is an app store for Android users that offers free or shareware apps. Android users are always advised to only download apps from the official Google Play Store, as the accuracy of apps from unofficial sources that are safe to install is always in doubt. According to Kaspersky researchers, the APKPure app itself failed its tests. APKPure version 3.17.18 comes with an advertising SDK, one with an embedded Trojans Dropper that Kaspersky solutions recognize as HEUR: Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Triada.ap. ”
Once unzipped, the Trojan can destroy the device it is installed on and sabotage the system in various ways, such as: B. “Show ads on the lock screen, open browser tabs, collect information about the device” and also download other malware. According to the researchers, there are a number of Trojans disguising themselves as APKPure apps. The variant that can attack your device depends on the Android version and the security updates installed by the user. For example, the Triada Trojan can be downloaded on devices with Android 8 or higher. Older Android versions like 6 or 7 or Android devices that don’t have the security updates installed could be the xHelper Trojan.
According to the report, APKPure has released an updated version 3.17.19 on its website. The description on the APKPure website states that the update “fixed a potential security issue and made APKPure safer to use”. Kaspersky says this version is safe to use.


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