Apple has to offer a three-year warranty in this country

Technology giant from Cupertino Apple – as well as all companies that sell electronic or digital goods, devices or products – must provide a mandatory three-year guarantee on their products, according to a report by 9to5Mac in Spain.
The report cites a Spanish blog iPadizate, which claims this is the case after the country’s Council of Ministers approved the extension of the warranty period for products sold in Spain.
In addition to a three-year guarantee, companies must store spare parts for a period of 10 years, which was previously 5 years.
Apple officially offers a one-year warranty iPhone Products along with local rights that are required by country-specific consumer laws.
There is no clarity as to when this new rule will take effect. However, the report claims that this is likely to happen soon.
Recently, Russia mandated that smartphones, computers and other purchases in Russia must be preinstalled with Russian software after the legislation comes into effect.
At the time of its inception, the legislation in Russia was colloquially known as the “Law Against Apple”. This was because the company initially resisted it.
“Apple has announced that it will be offering a selection of apps from Russian developers as part of the activation screens for new devices. It was intended to comply with the new Russian law, but it was advised that all apps would be checked to ensure they were compliant with Apple’s privacy, security and content standards, ”a Reuters report said.


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