Apple introduces the App Store suggestion feature to make searches faster

NEW DELHI: Apple started rolling out the search suggestions feature on the website Appstore. With this new feature, users can easily recognize apps. The company is currently rolling out the feature in Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK.
The company announces that the App Store will attempt to predict and offer suggested words after you enter a search term. The feature will also narrow down search results and speed up the search for a specific type of app.
Announcing the feature, the company tweeted, “Introducing Search Suggestions on the App Store! Select multiple suggestions (or turn them off) to refine your search so you can find even more amazing apps and games. Search suggestions are starting today in the US and Canada, Britain and Australia. ”

This new and nifty feature is pretty easy to use. Suppose you are looking for a specific type of app to learn meditation. Now when you type meditation into the App Store search box, you’ll see additional words like “game”, “timer”, “music”, “sleep” and more. Choosing one of these suggestions will give you a filtered result and increase your chances of finding a particular app type easily.
As reported by MacRumors, Apple has already quietly tested the feature and is now rolling it out for everyone iPhone users.
Earlier this week, Apple released an iOS 14.5 update for everyone iPhone User. The update offers various new features, including unlocking the iPhone with a mask. App tracking transparency, 200+ new emojis, 5G support for dual SIM on iPhones, support for AirTag, and more.


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