Apple is likely to launch bluetooth trackers: what are they and everything you should know before buying

Apple mailed media invite you to a special online event taking place on April 20th. If the rumors are to be believed, the new iPad Pro will be presented. What might also appear on the radar is something called AirTags (unconfirmed name) – a Bluetooth Tracking device that Apple has been working on for a long time. Interesting, Samsung A similar device was also launched earlier this year, while Tile has been available in space for some time. But what are bluetooth trackers? And should you buy them? Here’s everything you need to know about bluetooth trackers
What is a Bluetooth tracker?
As the name suggests, a bluetooth tracker is a small device that can be attached to items – key chains, wallets, and even phones – via bluetooth. They are useful for finding lost or misplaced items. A buzzer will sound in the tracker to make it easier for you to find them.

How do I use a bluetooth tracker?
Each bluetooth tracker comes with a companion Appthat you need to download to your smartphone. Follow the instructions and connect it via bluetooth. Once you have done this, you can then attach the tracker to whatever object you fear for misplacement. Most Bluetooth trackers come with a key ring or latch that you can use to attach them to the item.
How do I find lost items with a bluetooth tracker?
The tracker’s app has a button you can press to find a lost item. As soon as you press the button, a ringtone will sound which will allow you to find the item. If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the app will most likely tell you the last known location of the tracker. Note that the connection is maintained as long as your phone is within range of the Bluetooth tracker. This range depends on the tracker and is usually up to 100 meters.
How does a bluetooth tracker work?
Almost all Bluetooth trackers are powered by a small battery – usually a button cell – that can last a long time. Some trackers claim their batteries can last almost a year.

What brands make bluetooth trackers?
Tile is one of the most popular Bluetooth tracker brands. Tile has different models with different functions and also works with third-party apps and brands. The price can start from Rs 2,000 and go up to Rs 8,000.
Samsung is another brand that recently got into this space with their Galaxy SmartTags. The price of Samsung’s bluetooth tracker is 2,699 rupees. There are plenty of rumors that Apple launched a similar device on April 20th.
That being said, there are tons of other brands that sell bluetooth trackers as well.
Should you buy a bluetooth tracker?
They can be useful if you are one of those people who has a habit of leaving your keys or wallet unattended or forgetting them. Its functionality is limited, but it can be a useful device depending on how you want to use it.


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