Apple: Microsoft explains why Surface Laptop 4 is better than Apple MacBook Air

Microsoft has aimed Apple again with a new advertisement. The last time the company investigated the alleged shortcomings of the iPad Pro. Now it went after that MacBook Air. With what? The Surface laptop 4.
The ad shows two teenage actors playing siblings and specifically advising why you should and shouldn’t get a Surface Laptop 4 MacBook Air. Because it has a touch screen and type C and A USB ports. In addition, all Windows apps and “games” can be run.

Isn’t a touchscreen such a disadvantage? The display highlights that the Surface Laptop has a USB-C port and a USB-A port, which the MacBook Air does not. Instead, it has two Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4 ports that are backward compatible with USB-C. The problem with limited ports in the MacBook is understandable, but it can be fixed with the help of a dongle, so Apple certainly won’t let you down entirely. Sure, you have to pay for the dongle.
Gaming is certainly a weak point for the MacBook, but hey, you don’t buy a Surface laptop for gaming purposes too. It’s not a gaming laptop, so it can handle light gaming just as the MacBook Air can, although chances are you’ll find a fewer number of popular Windows titles that are designed for Mac OS Likewise.
And a Windows device can run apps designed for Windows. Touchscreen, connectivity options, and yes, Windows apps. Are you convinced


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