Apps for online courses and group events don’t have to pay Apple a “cut”

It seems so Online lessons and events are here to stay for a while. With the pandemic showing no signs of ending, most people rely on online tools for courses and events. Remember Apple said that certain apps that meet these requirements don’t have to pay the mandatory 30% Appstore Fees. On the officer Apple developerThe company’s website states, “As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, we would like to support communities that continue to provide digital services instead of in-person group events by extending the deadline to December 31, 2021. ”
It was last year when Apple temporarily postponed the requirement to offer paid online group event services to support apps that switched services from personal to digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline was June 2021, but Apple has now extended it by six months.
Apple has also made it clear which apps fall under the category. The offer is only valid for apps that “offer personal services in real time between two people (e.g. tutoring for students, medical consultations, property tours or fitness training) in order to use purchase methods other than in-app purchase.”
However, not all apps have to pay Apple the mandatory 30% cut. In January 2021, Apple announced the App Store Small Business program. Developers can qualify for the program and a 15 percent discounted commission if they have earned up to $ 1 million in the previous calendar year.
The App Store’s standard commission rate of 30 percent remains in place for apps that sell digital goods and services and generate more than $ 1 million in revenue, defined as a developer’s post-commission income.


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