bumble: Bumble adds interest badges to make dating decisions more convenient

women first Dating App bumblebee added a new feature that makes it easier for users to showcase their dating selections. The platform has launched a number of new ones Interest badge from representing more than 150 interests from categories such as sports, creative hobbies and more
“The Bumble community can now choose up to five badges from over 150 interests spanning a variety of categories including sports, creative hobbies, preferred choice of activities while staying or going out, favorite movies, TV shows, music and books.” Company says. Bumblebee users will also be able to showcase their values ​​and traits by expressing their choice of ally and support for various social causes.

“This renewed clarity is an unexpected silver lining for those searching for love during this time. This feature gives the Bumble community the ability to make their dating decisions more targeted and to create meaningful connections with a shared understanding of the values ​​of life right from the start, ”Bumble said in a press release.
Here’s how to select and add interest badges to the Bumble date profile

  • Go to ‘Edit Profile’
  • Under your photo, click “Tap to edit profile”
  • Here you will find the new section “My Interests”. You can choose from 150+ interests to add to your profile.


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