Clubhouse is coming to Android phones very soon

Social media app is an instant hit among iPhone users Clubhouse Paul Davison, Co-Founder and CEO of Clubhouse, has confirmed that the company will indeed be launching an Android app very soon. In addition, developer Mopewa Ogundipe said on Twitter that the team is already working on an Android app for Clubhouse. There is no official confirmation of the start date of Clubhouse Android App still.
For those who didn’t know, Clubhouse is a voice-only audio-only social media app. Once in the clubhouse, you can get in and out of different chats depending on your area of ​​interest. You have the choice to occupy yourself with your thoughts or just to listen to what is happening in different rooms.
The thing about the clubhouse is that not everyone has access to it and you need an invitation to get into the clubhouse. If you remember, you also needed invitations to join Gmail when it first started. A current clubhouse user can send you an invitation. Note, however, that each user only has two invitations.
The clubhouse is now only available to iPhone users. And the app is expected to have a big fan among Android users as well. In the clubhouse you can follow people, clubs or specific topics. There are rooms where you can join in and follow people or friends talking there. The audio chat room has moderators who are the final say in letting you speak after you virtually raise your hand.


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