Discord launches ‘Stage Channel’ to take over the clubhouse

discord has the pure audio chat room function ‘Stage channels‘To take over against popular rivals Clubhouse. Discord Stage Channel will be available for Android, iOS, web, Windows and other platforms like macOS and Linux. Discord is the latest to join the chat cart for audio-only chats after popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram launched their own clubhouse-like alternatives.
“Stage channels are a new type of community server channel that lets you share a targeted conversation with selected people for an audience of listeners,” Discord stated in an official blog post.
There will be a “stage moderator” who can decide who is speaking, “and can add, remove or mute an existing speaker”. Members of the audience can also participate by “raising their hands” during an event when they wish to speak. Stage presenters can allow listeners to step on stage and speak, and then bring them back to the audience.
To try out Stage Channels, Discord users must first enable the community on their server by going to Server Settings> Community. The new platform can be used for audio-only gatherings such as AMA sessions, interviews, book reading clubs, podcasts and more.
Twitter already has a clubhouse rival called Spaces and soon Facebook and too Spotify will also join the list. LinkedIn is also preparing to be its own rival in the clubhouse. The professional social networking platform has confirmed that it is also working on an audio feature.

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