Do not open these links on WhatsApp, warn the Delhi police

I received a message Whatsapp claim to offer free access to video streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix? If so, be warned. These are malicious links These are designed to steal your information, including banking information.
Delhi police Cybercrime warned people about these fraudulent links through a post on the microblogging website Twitter. In the tweet, the police asked internet users not to click on such links and to forward them to others on WhatsApp. It is said that the links have been marked as malicious and blocked by several antivirus engines.
“These messages contain URLs / links that are being flagged as malicious by several antivirus engines. The links were blocked…. WARNING … never click on such links. Never forward it to others, ”says the DCP Cybercime tweet.

In the Twitter post, police also shared screenshots of some of the messages a user may receive on WhatsApp. “Get 2 months Amazon Premium Free for 60 days anywhere in the world. ”reads such a message.
On closer inspection, it is easy to see that the message is fraudulent because it says “Amazon Premium” instead of “Amazon Prime”. Another clue is the URL given in the message. The link is “Profile List”. According to another screenshot shared in the tweet, the attackers may be trying to install malware on the user’s device in order to steal personal information such as credit card details, passwords, photos and messages.
It is always wise to exercise caution when clicking on these bait news / links that offer free services. In most cases, these are tools that cyber criminals use to defraud citizens.


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