Facebook data leak: Facebook explains how to prevent further data leaks

The social media company Facebook tried to explain in a blog post how it plans to fight scratch the user accounts. The platform, run by Mark Zuckerberg, has seen a lot of flak lately because it has been helpless and powerless in the face of roughly 533 million people leaked User accounts on the internet and not for the first time. It tried (say it’s the best) to give users some kind of reassurance through the post, although the future can only tell how effective the methods described will be.
The social media giant initially states that it has a dedicated External Data Misuse (EDM) team that includes over 100 people, including analysts, engineers, and data scientists who are involved in the detection, blocking, and deterrence of data scraping work.
“Because scraper If we mimic the way people legitimately use our products, we will never be able to completely prevent all scraping without affecting people’s ability to use our apps and websites the way they enjoy it. That means we have to try to find the right balance and rely on different approaches to tackle the scraping. “This is what comes next, straight from the horse’s mouth.
Next, it says that “should make it harder for scrapers to get data from our services and more difficult to capitalize on when they do”.
Facebook has stated that to make it more difficult for scrapers it should use rate and data limits, which are “just a first layer of protection.”
“Rate limits limit the number of times anyone can interact with our products in any given period of time, while data limits prevent users from receiving more data than they need to normally use our products. “Says the company.
Rate caps aside, the company claims it has a few more weapons in its alleged arsenal that it won’t disclose for fear of a “scraper roadmap,” but it said it “will look for patterns of activity and behavior that it normally comes with.” automated computer activity and stop it. “The company also said its EDM team continues to be on the lookout for suspicious scrapers.


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