Facebook: Facebook brings COVID-19 vaccine profile frame to the platform

Social media platform Facebook has added COVID-19 vaccine profile frames to its applications on Android, iOS and the web. Facebook has teamed up with the United States Department of Health (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The move is intended to encourage people to opt for a COVID-19 vaccination. This is part of a worldwide initiative by Facebook through which the health authorities are reached for this initiative.
In the coming days, Facebook plans to show a summary of the user’s news feed with their followers, family members and friends who are using COVID-19 vaccine profile frames.
The company had previously introduced vaccine frameworks in the UK in partnership with the National Health Services (NHS). It is alleged that it took a few weeks for about a quarter of people in the UK who are on Facebook to see a contact on the social media platform using the NHS vaccine profile framework.
Will this move by Facebook make vaccination popular among humans? Maybe. This could make them less skeptical and help them see the COVID-19 vaccination in a more positive light.
COVID-19 has seen a rapid resurgence worldwide in the past few weeks, with the number of cases rising rapidly. With vaccines taking nearly a year to reach the masses, humanity seems better prepared to deal with the pandemic now.

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