Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz April 15, 2021: Get Answers To These Questions To Win Gifts And Discount Coupons

Flipkart is back with another edition of his daily quiz. The quiz is available in the Flipkart Mobile App under the game zones. As part of its daily quiz, the e-tailer offers participants the opportunity to win gifts, discount vouchers and Flipkart Super Coins.
In order to win the quiz prizes, all questions in the quiz must be answered correctly. Flipkart’s daily trivia quiz has five questions based on general knowledge and current affairs.
Each question has four options from which you can choose the correct answer. Only the first 50,000 participants are eligible for the quiz prize.
Here are five questions from today’s quiz along with their respective answers

  1. Which team made it to the IPL final for the first time in the 2020 season?
    Delhi capitals
  2. Identify this Mumbai Indian player who recently made his debut for India.
    Krunal Pandya
  3. Who was the youngest bowler to score a hat trick in an IPL match in 2019?
    Sam Curran
  4. In IPL history, only two Indians have won the serial award player. Virat Kohli and
    Sachin Tendulkar
  5. Businessman Keshav Bansal owned which former IPL team?
    Gujarat Lions


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