Google adds three new features to the Google Assistant

Internet search giant Google announced a number of new updates to its voice-based assistant. The company announced that soon users will not only be able to teach Google assistant how to recognize names, but also how to have precise and contextual conversations.
In the next few days, Google will assistant is assisted in pronouncing the names of the user contacts and recognizing when they pronounce them.
“The assistant listens to your pronunciation and remembers it without recording your voice. This means that if you say these names, the assistant can understand you better and pronounce them correctly, ”Google said in a blog post.
This function should initially be available in English and later expanded in other languages.
Another enhancement to the wizard is that in a little while it can “better understand the context while improving its” reference resolution “- which means it knows exactly what you are trying to do with a command”.
The company announced that it has completely redesigned Assistant’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models to help Assistant better understand the context.
“Because of these improvements, the assistant can now react almost 100 percent precisely to alarms and timer tasks. And over time, we’ll move this feature over to other use cases so the wizard can learn to understand you better, ”the company added.
Finally, the company says users will now be able to have more natural conversations with the assistant. For example, if you are already talking to the assistant about a place and need more and more specific information about that place, they will understand that without having to keep mentioning the place.


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