Google fixes the misleading problem with Android apps on the Play Store

Internet search giant Google has announced an update to its policy and Guidelines about how apps must be presented in the Play Store so that developers can ensure that their “apps and games are suitable for recommendations on all surfaces Google play. ”
According to the new guidelines, Google has ordered developers to limit the length of app titles to 30 characters, prohibit keywords that imply storage performance, advertise the icon, title and developer name, and terminate graphic elements that users can use could mislead the app icon.
“App title, icon and developer name that do not meet the upcoming guidelines are not allowed on Google Play,” said Google in a post published on Android developer Blog.
In addition, the company is introducing new guidelines for preview assets for the feature graphics, screenshots, videos, and brief descriptions that developers present on their app page.
As part of the new guidelines, the company urges developers to focus on aspects such as accurately displaying apps or games via preview assets, sufficient and meaningful information, and more.
“Assets that do not meet our guidelines may not be used for advertising and referrals on major Google Play interfaces such as Apps and Games Home,” added Google. =


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