google: Google’s new web standard Floc does not impress Microsoft or Apple

Google’s FLoC, or Federated Learning of Cohorts, the technology proposed by the tech giant, has come under fire for allegedly maliciously tracking a Chrome user by placing them in some sort of cohort. Google plans to promote FLoC as the new web standard, and while the tech giant has been trying to reassure people by saying that the technology should only block third-party cookies, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox has confirmed that there are no immediate plans to roll out FLoC, according to a report by The Verge.
Microsoft said in a statement to The Verge, “Like Google, we support solutions that give users clear consent and don’t bypass consumer choices. For this reason, we also do not support solutions that use unapproved user identity signals such as fingerprints. The industry is on a journey and there will be browser-based suggestions that don’t require individual user IDs, as well as ID-based suggestions based on consent and first-party relationships. We will continue to explore these approaches with the community. ”
Apple hasn’t made an official statement on whether it’s on safari with or against FLoC, but according to a tweeted response from John Wilander, a WebKit As an engineer at Apple, it doesn’t seem too eager to implement FLoC either.

According to the report, a Mozilla spokesperson said on the matter that the company does not “agree to the assumption that the industry needs billions of points of data on people that are collected and shared without their understanding to serve relevant advertisements.”
Privacy-oriented web browsers such as Brave and DuckDuckGo have also asked Google for an attempt to implement a data protection-threatening technology and have already rejected FLoC.


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