Google is announcing changes to its storage policy for these users

Internet search giant Google has expanded the timeline for the changes in its Storage Policy to the Google Workspace Account owner.
High-quality photos will count towards the drive quota from June 1, 2021, as no changes will be made to this timeline. However, newly created Google Docs, sheet, slide, drawing, form or jamboard files will be counted towards storage after February 1, 2022. Existing files in these products won’t count for storage unless they were changed on or after February 1, 2022, Google said in a post on Workspace Updates.
In November 2020, Google announced that from June 1, 2021, documents, sheets, slides, drawings, forms and jamboard files will count towards “Your free 15 GB of allocated storage space or additional storage space provided by Google One. ”
“People are uploading more content than ever before – in fact, more than 4.3 million GB is being added Gmail, Driving and taking photos every day. These changes to our storage policy are necessary to deliver a great experience to our users and to keep pace with growing demand, ”the company said.
Readers should note that the storage policy schedule for personal Google accounts will not change. These changes apply to all customers with Google Workspace and G Suite licenses.


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