Google is pulling the plug on its Q&A function in search

Internet search giant Google has announced that it will pull the plug for the “Questions and Answers on Google” function from June 30th.
This was determined by the company after updating a Google support page.
“As of June 30, 2021, we will no longer offer the question and answer function Google search. To download a copy of the questions and answers you contributed, visit Google Takeout and select Find Posts. Do this step by June 30th to keep a record of all your contributions including your questions and answers, ”the updated support page states.
Earlier this month, Google also decided to close its mobile shopping app for Android and iOS.
A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google that the app will continue to work through June. The spokesman said: “In the next few weeks we will no longer support the Shopping app. All the functions that the app offers users are available on the Shopping tab. We will continue to have functions on the Shopping tab and at other Google vendors create interfaces, including the Google app, that make it easy for people to discover and buy the products they love. ”
Google had previously announced in February that it would stop the internal development of games for StagesThis makes the cloud-based game streaming service completely dependent on titles from other game developers and publishers.
The company said it was shutting down the device due to the high cost of developing games that attract users.
“Building great games from the ground up takes many years and significant investments, and the cost is growing exponentially,” said Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of Google Stadiasaid in a blog post.



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