Google makes it difficult for Android app makers to track you

Almost all of the apps that you have installed on yours Android Phone do one thing secretly: make a list of all the apps you have on your phone. This list of apps is collected and linked to yours User identification along with your phone number, location, addresses, etc. So why? Android app Do developers do that? Knowing what other apps you have on your phone allows developers to keep track of your personal choices and serve relevant ads. According to reports, an Android user’s “political affiliation” can also be guessed by the type of apps he or she has on their phone.
Now some apps really need access to all of the other apps that you have on your Android phone. For example, apps like file manager, antivirus, etc. need to be given this access in order to function properly. However, a camera app or a flashlight app does not need such permissions. Very few Android users worldwide are aware of this random app data breach. This practice has long been widespread and Google finally comes in to finally stop it.
Starting May 5, 2021, developers will have to provide a solid reason why Google should allow access to a list of all the apps on a user’s Android phone. “The inventory of installed apps that are queried by a device is considered a personal and sensitive user Data subject to the Personal and Sensitive Information Policy, ”said Google.
According to Google, only these apps can access the app list if their “main user functionality or their main purpose requires full visibility of the apps installed on the user’s device”.
“For apps targeting API level 30 or higher, the broad visibility of installed apps via the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is limited to certain use cases where knowledge and / or interoperability with all apps on the device is required for the app to work “he told Google in a blog post.
“You are not allowed to use QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES if your app can operate with a more targeted package visibility statement,” she added.
With this change, you can expect better privacy on your Android phone, making it difficult for fraudulent developers to track you.


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