Google makes it easier for Android users to connect Bluetooth headphones

If you are one Android Users then you would know that a pairing quite often Bluetooth Device with your phone can be a challenge. However, it looks like it Google aims to solve this problem with the introduction of a new function. According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant is rolling that out Fast couple Function for Android to simplify the connection with Bluetooth headphones and other devices.
Google has also partnered with brands like, according to a tweet from the official Android account Sony, JBL and others to make it more convenient for Android users. “The new Fast Pair experience #Android is here. With an updated, easy-to-use layout, you can see Bluetooth devices connect to over 100 partner devices such as @JBLaudio and @SonyElectronics Easier and more convenient, all with a single press of a button, ”says the tweet.

Apple always did pairing AirPods easier with iPhone and other Apple devices. Google is working on the same lines. According to the 9to5Google report, the first time a user sets up a Bluetooth accessory, they will see a large animation of the device. You will see a blue Connect button that will start the one-tap process.
The function works not only with headphones, but also with smartwatches and fitness bands. The function was first discovered on Google pixel Buds will now also be available for other brands.
Speaking of which Google PixelIt is widely believed that the affordable variant of the Pixel series – Pixel 5a – will not be launched in India this year. A statement from Google said the phone is expected to be launched only in the US and Japan. While Google hasn’t categorically stated whether or not it will be launched in India, the global chip shortage could mean there won’t be a new Pixel phone for India in 2021.


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