Google makes it easier for users in India to take calls and messages while driving

Sending text messages or even answering a call while driving is an extremely dangerous thing to do. However, many people around the world continue to do this while putting their lives and that of others at risk. Google now introduces a feature that makes it easier for users to take calls and reply to messages while driving their car.
According to Google’s support page for cards, Google assistant Driving mode is now being introduced Google Maps to Android Users in India.
“Thanks to the new driver-friendly assistant interface, you can easily do more while you concentrate on the road. Use voice to send and receive calls and texts and quickly check new messages in your messaging apps in one place, ”says Google on the support page.
The Google Assistant also reads texts aloud so users don’t have to look at their phones. Android users will also receive notifications of incoming calls that they can answer or decline with their voice.
According to Goole, driving mode ensures that users can do all of this without actually leaving the navigation screen. This will, to some extent, ensure that driver distractions are minimized.

How does the driving mode work in Google Maps?

Google explains that it’s very easy to get started with driving mode. All users need to do is navigate to a destination using Google Maps and tap the popup to get started. Another way to get started is to go to Assistant Settings on your Android phone or say, “Hey Google, open Assistant Settings”. Then just select “Transport”, select “Driving Mode” and turn it on.
The feature is currently only available to Android users and works on phones with Android phones version 9.0 or higher with 4GB of RAM.


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