Google Maps, search now shows Covid-19 vaccination sites in India

With the coronavirus pandemic in India becoming more common and deadly than ever, the need to step up the vaccination campaign is much more urgent than it is now. Those who use Google search or Maps will now be able to easily find Covid-19 vaccination sites in India. “The more people have access to it Covid-19 vaccinationWe’re making it easier to find out why, when and where you can be vaccinated, ”said Dr. Karen DeSalvo, MPH, Chief Health Officer. Google Health in an official blog post.
Access to vaccines can be more difficult for people due to factors like where they live, distance to a vaccination site, and reliable internet access to book an appointment, DeSalvo explained in the blog post.

The function was introduced in Google Search and Maps. When users search for the location of the Covid-19 vaccine on Google Maps, it shows all the vaccination centers nearby. We tested this feature on Google Maps and works fine. In Google search, the tech giant has a different interface and you see a lot of information about the Covid-19 vaccination. On the left you will see the option “Where to Get It”. Once you click on it, you can check the nearest vaccination center from your location. Google search also gives you an overview of the vaccination campaign with data such as the number of people who have been fully vaccinated so far in India, the number of doses and the percentage of the total population who have been vaccinated.
“As we learned during the pandemic, no one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. Making vaccines available to all people around the world is a challenging but necessary endeavor. We’ll keep working our part and working together until we get there, ”DeSalvo stated in her blog post.


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