Google Maps won’t show you the fastest route. Here’s why

NEW DELHI: Technology giant Google makes a change in its algorithm Navigation app – – Google Maps That will change the way you drive.
According to Autoevolution, Google is making a change to the algorithm that will allow drivers to navigate from point A to B in the shortest possible time.
According to the report, the company will release an update to Google Maps later this year, according to which the app won’t show users the fastest route to their destination. Instead, the navigation app shows the most economical route. This new algorithm takes fuel economy into account and focuses on how much gas is used instead of time.
This new feature will help reduce the carbon footprint as the routes provided take various factors into account.
The report adds that if you still want to get to your destination quickly, you can revert to the old algorithm and the maps will show you the fastest route. After the update, however, Google Maps will initially show the economical way.
Aside from that, Google is also working on improving the way maps handle public transportation. Soon, Google Maps users will be able to view step-by-step information on public transport as well as time estimates and exact arrival times.
Recently, Google brought back compass widgets on Maps for Android. The feature was reportedly removed from the app earlier. Google discontinued the Maps compass widgets back in 2019 to free up more space on the navigation screen. The feature shows users north on the map home screen with a little red pointer. The compass widget is on the right side of the screen.


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