Google may have bad news for Pixel fans in India

For the past two years Google has adopted a different strategy for his pixel Phones in India. Gone are the flagship models and the ‘affordable’ variants. The Pixel 4 never came to India in 2019, and the Pixel 5 never made it to the domestic coasts either. Instead, Google launched the Pixel 4a – a toned down, affordable version of the flagship variants. However, it looks like the affordable version of Pixel may not make it to India in 2021 either. In fact, the phone may start anywhere in the world except two countries.
According to rumors from Google, the Pixel 5a Google started spinning and issued a statement to 9to5Google that said, “Pixel 5a 5G will not cancel. It will be available in the US and Japan later this year and announced in line with the launch of the A-Series phone last year. “So it looks like the Pixel 5a will have to be canceled in most markets except for the two mentioned by Google in the statement.
It all started with a tweet from prolific tipster Jon Presser who said Google canceled the Pixel 5a due to the ongoing chip scarcity crisis in the tech industry. Prosser went to Twitter to share the news. Another report from Android Central also “confirmed” the news.

According to Prosser’s tweet, the Pixel 5a was codenamed Barbet internally by Google. According to Prosser, the chip crisis led to the termination of the smartphone.
Just earlier this week, Google confirmed the data from I / O 2021 – one of the biggest events of the year. Almost every year, Google uses the event to unveil the new version of Android – 12 this year – and has been the affordable Pixel’s launchpad. It was widely expected that the event – which will virtually take place between May 18th and 20th – the Pixel 5a would see the light of day. However, Prosser and the Android Central report suggest there won’t be an affordable Pixel this year.
The global shortage of semiconductors has affected several brands. Samsung also reportedly discontinued the Note series smartphone earlier this year.


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