Google Meet and Google Chat may be preinstalled on future Chrome OS devices

Devices running on Google Chrome OS can come pre-installed soon Google Chat and Google Meet. The tech company has already started transitioning Hangouts Google Chat so that more users can access the app. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google now wants to make these apps more accessible Chromebook Owner. A new bug is cited which is related to “Pre and install Meet and Chat PWAs on Chrome OS. ”
Android apps from Google Chat and Google Meet are already available in the Play Store and can be easily downloaded. With the last step, Google is said to have installed the web applications on Chrome OS to prevent the memory from bloating.
The report says that work on these default apps on ChromeOS devices has already started. Two new flags have been added to chrome: // flags, it says. While one of them is for chat, the other is for meet.
Although the apps are installed by default on devices running Chrome OS, users can still uninstall them when they don’t need them. Most likely, version 92 of Chrome OS will come with these two apps. If things go as planned, devices that start with Chrome OS 92 and reset after the update are expected to show Google Chat and Google Meet by default.


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