Google Play Movies & TV: Google Play Movies & TV shutdown app for some users: Here’s what happens to your content

Google has announced that its Movies & TV will play App will no longer be available for Samsung, LG, Roku and Vizio smart TVs. Instead, Google will double up Youtube It’s the only place you can watch movies, TV shows, and other content. While the Play app is shutting down, all of your previous YouTube purchases will be available to you, the company said. Plus, all you would have to do is rely on YouTube the next time you shop.
Along with your previous purchases, your Google Play credits are now ready to be used on YouTube. The Family Library purchases in the Play app can be viewed on YouTube, but content purchased on YouTube does not support family sharing. In addition, your watchlist is not available on YouTube. Google says you can set up playlists.
Google adds, “The YouTube app is available on devices that currently support the app Google Play Movies & TV app. Cannot view content on LG NetCast and LG SimpleSmart devices. The rent and buy features on YouTube may not be available on all devices. Depending on the availability of the country. ”
It seems that Google is ready to unplug its Play Movies & TV app. Initial steps have already been taken to end the service on some devices and port the users’ content to another app that only turns out to be YouTube. The tech giant can move the subscriptions and content to YouTube, which is clearly the better known app for consuming video content. YouTube also has a premium paid subscription tier that offers users ad-free content. It is not yet known if users will miss out on the Google Play Movies & TV app. It looks unlikely for the nonce.


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