Google saves over $ 1 billion when employees work from home

Whether you hate it or love it, working from home has become the new normal.
While all of the big tech giants have extended their support to employees – in terms of flexible working hours or home office settings – there is still an open debate about how companies want their employees to work.
Google Since a company has always been at the forefront of providing the best offices with world-class facilities – all to make it an unprecedented experience, but it appears to have closed its offices for a year, the company could earn around 1 Billion dollars. (Saving money is making money, right?).
According to a report from Bloomberg, in the first quarter, Google’s parent company alphabet Compared to the same period last year, it saved $ 268 million in costs, “mainly due to COVID-19”. This money is otherwise spent on promotions, travel, and entertainment.
The report also claims the company saw a whopping $ 1.4 billion decrease in advertising and promotional costs in 2020, thanks to lower spending, paused or rescheduled campaigns, and online-only events. In particular, travel and entertainment expenses fell by $ 371 million, the report said.
Despite all the savings, the company hasn’t announced any permanent options for employees to work from home – at least until now.
Google was CEO back in December 2020 Sundar Pichai had sent an email to Google employees outlining the company’s plans to get employees back into offices while extending work from home until September 2021.
Back then, Pichai had made it clear that, unlike companies like Twitter and Facebook, which gave employees the option of “leaving home forever”, Google had no such plans.
“We believe office collaboration will be just as important to Google’s future as it is to our past,” he said in the email. He said the unpredictability due to the pandemic “has created some interesting challenges and opportunities for us as we are starting to bring Googlers back to the office. We’ll be leaning on them and experimenting with a number of pilot designs to improve productivity, collaboration, and overall wellbeing. ”


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