Google shows Covid-19 travel advice, destination ideas and more in search

Technology giant Google had added new travel tools to the search. This includes features like Covid-19 travel advice and updates to the Explore tab.
Whenever a user searches for travel information such as flights, hotels or activities, Google search displays COVID-19 related travel advice or restrictions for the destination. It will also provide information on whether this is necessary quarantine upon arrival or evidence of test results or vaccination protocols.
To receive these updates, a user must be signed in to their Google account. He / She has to toggle “Receive an email when this guide changes.” He / she will then be notified when restrictions are added, removed or reduced.
Another added feature is the redesigned Browse tab at More destinations are now shown on the map – including smaller towns and national parks. Users can filter destinations based on interests such as nature, beaches, or skiing. For example, if you only want to see cities with an airport, select flights in “Travel Mode” only. Google also shows helpful information for travel, such as: B. Hotels, activities, the best time to travel and much more.
Google announced the features via a blog post, saying that as vaccines become more available, there will be more and more searches for travel-related destination information – such as: B. Travel restrictions by country and destination, both of which have recently hit all-time highs.
If you are planning a road trip, Google Maps can now help you decide where to stop ahead of time along the way. However, these updates are country-specific and available in a few countries, including the United States.


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