Google shuts down its shopping app

NEW DELHI: Technology giant Google should have stopped its mobile shopping App to the Android and iOS. As reported by 9to5Google, Google’s mobile shopping app doesn’t work for users and redirects users to its web shopping website.
A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google that the app will continue to work through June. The spokesman said: “In the next few weeks we will no longer support the shopping app. All the functions that the app offers users are available on the shopping tab. We will continue to have functions on the shopping tab and at other Google vendors create interfaces, including the Google app, that make it easy for people to discover and buy the products they love. ”
On the other hand, the website “” remains active and you can continue shopping from there.
With the shopping app from Google, users could choose from thousands of online shops and purchase the selected item via Google accounts.
Last December, Google closed its Trusted Contacts app. With the personal security app, users could share their location with selected contacts in an emergency.


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