Google warns you not to look at your phone while walking

It seems like when people go outside they need to be informed of their information Smartphones that they shouldn’t use them. At least it is GoogleThe new function would be led to believe. The search engine giant has started rolling out a feature that will warn you if you try to look at your phone while walking. The function is called “Heads Up” and is part of the technology giant Digital wellbeing App. With this option enabled, certain alerts will be sent when enabled on your device. Some of these warnings are: be careful, look ahead, stay focused, look up, stay alert, pay attention, and watch your step. The heads-up function must be activated manually via digital wellbeing. It will ask for the location permit and, if granted, it will be activated along with access to physical activity. So the essential thing is that you need an alarm from your phone so as not to be distracted while walking. It is certainly about staying vigilant and safe on the road.
Google has started rolling out the beta version of the app. The Digital Wellbeing version v1.0.3.64375698 is currently only visible on the website Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 Devices, as shown in a report by The Verge. The feature will eventually be available for the other Android devices in the ecosystem as well. The report adds that those people who are registered and can’t yet see the option will have to switch to Digital Wellbeing on their Android smartphone, which can be found under Apps in Settings. If you clear the cache and forcibly stop the app and then reopen it, you can activate the heads-up function manually.


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