Hackers who tried to blackmail Apple and wanted $ 50 million did something “mysterious”

Last week, Quanta Computer Inc.Bloomberg, one of Apple’s Taiwan-based suppliers, suffered a massive cyber attack, according to Bloomberg. The hacker, Part of a group “REvil”, claimed to have stolen the blueprints of various people Apple Gadgets and the Cyber ​​Offensive at the time Apple was busy with its product launches and announcements during the Spring Loaded event.
REvil previously claimed to have stolen “all local network data” from Quanta and encrypted it. The hackers tried to hold Quanta Ransom and demanded $ 50 million for the decryption key to unlock Quanta’s systems, but the company refused to bow to their demands. So they rounded out Apple and demanded a $ 50 million ransom from the tech giant by May 1. If Apple didn’t pay them the amount, they threatened to continue posting the stolen product schemes on the dark web every day. The stolen schematics contained about 15 pictures of the schematics of an upcoming MacBook.
Now, a report from Macrumors claims that the REvil group “has mysteriously removed all references related to the blackmail attempt from their dark web blog”. May 1st has not yet arrived.
The report claims that the particular group of hackers are not known to keep their blackmail promises and not to reveal stolen data if they don’t receive payment.
What exactly happened? Did Apple pay them the ransom and they didn’t take back their words? It sounds too good to be true and yet nothing is known about it for the time being.


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