How to live “forever” through technology: The Russian transhumanist outlines four ways

People (some of them) have always been intrigued by the thought of that Elixir of life, that would make them live forever and some of them have looked for it too, but to no avail. A Russian transhumanist named Alexey Turchin showed in a blog post a total of four different ways of extending your life indefinitely. According to him, these 4 plans can individually act as insurance in case the previous plan fails. So without further ado, let’s hear them.
Plan A, the “most obvious plan,” is to survive to a friendly game AI has been created. He says if you are young by the time the AI ​​arrives, you can join in or see your time for a better option. But when you are old you may not have that many options. According to him, “Plan A is a relay of methods of extending life until the problem of death is resolved”. It involves steps to conquer aging, “to grow diseased organs and replace them with new bio-engineered ones, to obtain a nanotech body and end up being scanned into a computer”.
But if you die before the AI ​​arrives, what then? Then comes Plan B, cryonics, that is, freeze a corpse for the future in the hope of resurrection. Turchin advocates “simple steps” such as “calling the nearest cryogenic company about a contract”.
When those two fail, Plan C comes: Digital Immortality. It is about the hope that after death a person can somehow be resuscitated with the help of the recorded information they have gathered. It’s just a theory as of now.
Plan D is not a plan, but a hope that “Hope or a bet that immortality somehow already exists: maybe there is quantum immortality, or maybe future AI will bring us back to life.”
Ultimately, all plans result in a living human being uploaded to an AI system under the pretext of living forever. How many of you are ready, assuming that such a thing becomes possible?


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