IIT Madras launches ‘cricket hackathon’ for tech geeks to predict game results

IIT Madras organizes the ‘Cricket hackathon 2021 ‘and invites registrations from students, professionals and Data science Enthusiasts. This academic competition is designed for beginners to study and compete and professionals to demonstrate their skills.
Interested parties can participate individually or as a team with a maximum of 4 members. There is no registration fee to enter the competition and entry is free. Registration for the competition begins on April 13, 2021 on the website of IIT Madras Online degree course
As part of this competition, all participants receive data from past T20 games, which can be used to train the code for the competition. This competition is structured as an academic activity in which contestants attempt to predict the score at the end of six overs in each inning for a series of games. The competition is expected to run for approximately 50 innings of the T20 games.
The results of the predicted score versus the actual score will be published the day after the game. “There will be two leaderboards – the leaderboard of the day, which will list those whose predictions came closest to the actual score on that day, and the leaderboard for the competition based on cumulative scores,” a statement said in a statement .
The person or team with the lowest error in their 50 innings prediction will be declared the overall winner of the 2021 IIT Madras BSc Cricket Hackathon. Cash prizes and certificates await the 50 best winners of the overall competition T-shirts for daily winners.
“This is a purely academically driven innovative competition designed to inspire young students to explore the field of data science and its applications, and to pursue careers in data science. In 2020, IIT Madras launched the world’s first BSc in Programming and Data Science to break down age, discipline and geographic barriers and provide everyone with access to world-class education from home. 7000 students are currently studying in the BSc program and the application form for the next batch is open, ”said Professor Prathap Haridoss, professor in charge of the BSc course IIT Madras.


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