Instagram is announcing two new features to help prevent harassers from reaching you

Instagram introduces a new feature for its users to protect them from abusive messages and to prevent someone you have blocked from contacting you through a new account.
Instagram now offers its users a tool that, when turned on, automatically filters direct message (DM) requests that contain offensive words, phrases and emojis so that users never have to see them.
According to Instagram, this tool mainly focuses on DM requests as this is where users usually get abusive messages from unknown people.
“We know that different words can be harmful to different people. Therefore, you also have the option of creating your own list of words, phrases or emojis that you do not want to see in your DM requests. Any DM requests that contain those offensive words, phrases, or emojis – whether from your custom list or the predefined list – are automatically filtered into a separate folder for hidden requests. When you open the folder, the message text is covered so you don’t face offensive language unless you tap to reveal it. You will then have the option to accept, delete or report the message request, ”said the company.
Facebook’s own app has announced that this function will be introduced in several countries in the coming weeks and later expanded to other countries.
Another important feature that Instagram is adding is the option to block contact with any other possible accounts they may create.
“With this feature, whenever you decide to block someone on Instagram, you have the option to both block their account and preventively block any new accounts that person might create.”
This will be available worldwide in the next few weeks, the company said


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