iOS 14.5 replaces syringe with vaccine emoji on iPhones

NEW DELHI: Apple rolls iOS 14.5 Software update that includes important privacy updates as well as the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask. Along with these important changes, the update also brings a notable update – a vaccine Emoji.
The company has updated its syringe emoji, which is not a coronavirus vaccine. The original splash emoji came with the first version of the Unicode symbols. The emoji has a red color and, according to Emojipedia, symbolizes the donation of blood. But now it is changed to show Covid-19 Vaccine.
Emoji tracker website EmojiPedia said, “In a move that covered news around the world when it originally appeared in iOS 14.5 Beta 2, the 💉 syringe emoji no longer shows blood and now has a shorter needle and one longer gray barrel. By removing the blood from the design, Apple made this emoji visually more suitable for a wider variety of discussions, which of course also includes vaccinations. ”
As mentioned above, this new version of the emoji came with the iOS 14.5 update. The emoji is made up of simple blue and gray colors, which makes it an all-purpose syringe. Presumably, the new design will only be available on Apple devices.
Along with this new emoji, the company has added 440 more new emoji with the latest update. New emojis include heart on fire, face in clouds, gender options for people with beards, and different skin tone combinations for couples.
Aside from that, the tech giant has also updated its older headphone emoji. The new headphone emoji now shows the recently introduced Apple AirPods Max.


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