iOS 15 can bring change notifications, lock screen, and more

Now that the first big one Apple Event of the year is out of the way, attention quickly shifted to the second – WWDC 2021. WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, begins June 7th, when the company will showcase its latest operating system updates. A report from Bloomberg shows what new features could come iOS 15 – the next big update for iPhone.
According to the report, iOS 15 will bring new notification filters, an updated lock screen, and important upgrades iMessage.
The report says that users have more control over how notifications are displayed on the screen of iPhones. iPhone users may have the option to choose notifications to display based on whether they are driving, working, or even sleeping.
Apple’s privacy crusade continues with iOS 15 as well. What we could see is a new menu that allows users to see what data apps are collecting from them. Apple’s next upgrade to iOS 14 – iOS 14.5 – Will make it difficult for apps not to be in the App Store if they don’t comply with Apple guidelines by April 26th. IOS 15 will likely build on the privacy measures that come with iOS 14.5.
The report also says that Apple may be changing the lock screen and that quick access to privacy data could be part of it.
Apple is reportedly working to update iMessage to take over WhatsApp on a large scale. However, the report says iMessage features may not be available until the end of the year.
WWDC 2021 starts June 7th and runs through June 11th. This is the first time rumors of what to expect from iOS 15 have surfaced online. The rumor mill will be working overtime as we near the event date, however, and we’ll be hearing more about not only iOS, but iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS as well.


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