iPhone 13: Apple iPhone 13 Not Getting Power from a 3nm A15 Processor: Report

The upcoming iPhone, which would most likely be called that iPhone 13, wouldn’t have a 3nm A15 processor, claims a PhoneArena report. The report is based on an interaction with the chip manufacturer TSMCTo dispel rumors of the imminent iPhone is powered by a 3nm A15 processor.
According to the report, TSMC won’t even start production of the 3nm chipsets until the second half of 2022, quelling rumors that the chipset’s production schedule has been accelerated. According to this roadmap, the iPhone 14 and not 13 may have the 3 nm chipset. So it will be the 5 nm A15 chipset for the iPhone 13 for now. The 3 nm chipset is said to improve the iPhone’s performance by 11% and also improve its energy efficiency.
Apple has announced the date of its upcoming event, which will be April 20th. In the spring, Apple is expected to launch the new iPad Pro, as analysts claim Ming Chi KuoThe new iPad Pro is expected to have a mini backlit LED display.
According to a Reuters report, TSMC is doing everything it can to remedy the shortage of chips. The chip maker has announced that it will expand its capacities by acquiring land and equipment and starting construction of new facilities. The company also claimed in an online results briefing that it is hiring thousands of people for the same thing. The comments came after TSMC reported a 19.4% increase in first-quarter earnings.


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