Lord of the Rings fans, Amazon has some bad news for you

Amazon has canceled his plans for that Lord of the rings MMO was announced two years ago and the Amazon Game Studios Title will not see the light of day, according to a report from Bloomberg. The game was developed for PC and consoles.
Back in 2018, Athlon Games, the developer behind titles like transmission 4, had announced that it would work on the project. A year later, Amazon Game Studios took part in the game development. The report states why the game is no longer being developed. A dispute between Amazon and Tencent is why Tencent acquired Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd, Amazon’s game development partner. Now there are some contractual issues that have not been resolved.
Amazon Game Studios video game projects keep potting up. Last year it canceled its multiplayer shooter Crucible. Other can projects are Breakaway, Intensity, and Nova. The company should complete the development of New worldIt’s another MMO that is in the works and hopefully it will be released.
This is certainly bad news for Lord of the Rings fans who crave a high quality title set in Tolkein’s Middle-earth since Monolith’s Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games and EA’s Battle For Middle-Earth RTS titles . Amazon still has the TV show “Lord of the Rings” in the pipeline. And then there’s Daedelic Entertainment’s upcoming third-party action-adventure game Lord of the Rings: Gollum. That should cheer you up.


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