Microsoft for users: reasons why you should spend Apple iPad

Microsoft is back with ads that make fun of Apple. The company’s latest ad makes fun of it Apple iPad Pro. The 30 second ad has the same teen expert featured in a previous ad Microsoft ad Mock Apple. The boy used the new ad Apple iPad Pro and Surface Pro 7 side by side. “A lot of people wanted me to compare the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to the iPad Pro,” he says before starting the comparison. And without a doubt, he finds Surface Pro 7 much more useful than Apple iPad Pro. For the reasons he thinks the Surface Pro 7 is a lot better than the Apple iPad:

* Built-in stand in Surface Pro 7. There is no stand in Apple IPad Pro unless users buy it.
* No keyboard: Apple iPad Pro users need to purchase the keyboard separately.
* No Ports: There are no connectivity ports in iPad Pro, says the teen, pointing to options in Microsoft Tablet.
* Another reason the teen gives is that the iPad is “just a tablet” while the Surface Pro 7 is a tablet and a PC.
* Last but not least, the reason for Surface Pro 7 is price. The ad compares the US prices of the two tablets: While Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a price of 888 US dollars, Apple iPad Pro costs 1348 US dollars.
In the past few months, Microsoft has published a number of ads making fun of Apple products. A recent ad of the Surface Pro 2-in-1 published by Microsoft attacked Apple MacBooks in a veiled manner. A backshot was taken on Apple laptops, which was called BackBooks.


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