Microsoft is making fun of Apple again, this time for iPad Pro

It looks like Microsoft is digging up ads Apple I won’t stop anytime soon. First Microsoft went after the MacBook and its “limitations” compared to the surface Set of devices. Now Microsoft has trained its weapons on that iPad Pro.
The ad reaches for the iPad Pro because it’s just a “tablet” while pitching Surface Pro 7 as a full-fledged computer as well as a tablet.
It’s a brief ad, but Microsoft managed to hit the iPad Pro’s “pain points” quite nicely. For example, the iPad Pro doesn’t have a built-in stand while the Surface is included. With the iPad Pro, you need a Magic keyboard that is a little heavier. The ad also emphasizes that connectivity remains an issue on the iPad Pro with only a Type-C port, while the Surface Pro 7 has multiple options.

And then of course there is the price. The Surface Pro – in the US – starts at $ 880, while the iPad Pro starts at $ 1,348. According to the ad, this is “clincher tires” in favor of the Surface Pro.
Recently, Microsoft indirectly stumbled upon Apple’s MacBook in a brief ad on Twitter. The short advertisement published by Microsoft India Account on Twitter does not really name Apple or MacBook. However, it compares Surface to another laptop called the BackBook.
The display contains two laptops – Surface Pro and ‘BackBook’ – side by side. The ad is about demonstrating the flexibility of Surface Pro in that it can be removed from the keyboard and stretch and rock. Since it is a hybrid 2-in-1 device, Surface Pro can also be used and detached in tablet mode. The MacBook – or rather the ‘BackBook’ – doesn’t do any of this. Microsoft is showing it to suggest that you should upgrade to Surface.


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