Microsoft: Microsoft wants you to choose a new font for Windows and its other services

technology giant Microsoft plans to change his Standard font about services from Calibri to something else. It has commissioned five new custom fonts – Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview – for users to choose from. In a blog post, the company also listed the new fonts one by one and asked users to vote on which font would become the next default. People can go to Twitter and vote for their votes Favorite font from the list.

The new fonts are available in a variety of sans serif styles – humanistic, geometric, Swiss and industrial. In the event that the font you want to choose as the default the most is not finalized, Microsoft says that “everything besides Calibri and your other favorite fonts are available in your Office apps in Microsoft 365 and under the Fonts menu above out. ”
According to Microsoft, “Overall, Tenorite looks like a traditional sans serif workhorse (a sans serif font or a stroke at the end like Times New Roman), but with a warmer, friendlier style. Bierstadt is a precise, contemporary sans serif typeface inspired by mid-20th century Swiss typography. Skeena is a “humanistic” sans serif font based on the shapes of traditional serif text fonts. Seaford is a sans serif font that is rooted in the design of old-style serif text fonts and creates a comfortable familiarity with them. Grandview is a sans serif font derived from classic German road and railway signage and designed to be legible from a distance and under poor conditions. ”
Microsoft believes that the standard fonts “communicate a particular personality in its own calm way – a personality that, in a broader sense, becomes our personality.” According to the company, it is “the visual identity that we present to other people through our résumés, documents or emails.”


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