Microsoft: Windows 10 may have new features

Microsoft may have something new for Windows 10. The new Windows 10 Sun Valley Update (version 21H2) could bring improved animations, new Fluent design tweaks, and a few other visual improvements. The tech giant said in a post on the Feedback Hub that Windows 10 could get new animations in the future.
“The feedback [for fluent animation] was passed on to the team. First of all, we updated the animation when starting an application in our Dev Channel builds, ”the article says.
The company added that it was looking for feedback from testers and that some changes have already been activated and others are on the way. Users were asked to determine exactly if they would like to see the animations in new areas.
The company has replaced the classic “zoom” animation in the Windows 10 21H2 preview builds with the new animation, according to a report from Windows Latest. The new animations are displayed when the user closes and opens the window App Windows like Run, cmd etc.
Some of the other changes the company has made include adding new icons to Windows 10. Microsoft’s Fluent Design approach has been well received by users. The tech giant can also update the icons of its folders in File Explorer like This PC, Document, Videos, Pictures, etc. with new ones.


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