New Google Meet feature so you can continue your meetings even when the battery is low

It could be pretty nightmarish to think that you are running out of battery while giving a presentation Google Meet and you don’t have a power source to connect your device to. You may also be afraid that your laptop or smartphone will not have enough battery life to last it for its entire lifespan Google Meet on the go while you’re on the go.
With low battery concerns in mind, Google is introducing a new “Saver” mode that will allow you to continue your meeting if your device is low on battery or has connectivity issues.
The new economy mode limits the data and power consumption in Google Meet while you are on the phone. The feature is being introduced gradually and will soon appear in the Settings menu. However, you must turn on Eco mode before you can join a meeting. Note that if you enable this feature, the quality of video calls may decrease.
How to enable data and power saving mode in Google Meet
According to Google, you can use economy mode to restrict data, conserve battery life, and reduce power consumption for the CPU. Proceed as follows to activate the function:
-Open the Meet app
-Tap Menu
-Go to settings
– Turn on data usage
-Take part in a video call.
In the meantime, Google has announced that it will extend the limit to offer Google Meet calls for up to 24 hours for free until June 2021. The company had previously extended the unlimited meet calls for free users to March 31.


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