OnePlus 9 Pro users complain about overheating issues. It will be fixed shortly

OnePlus has already introduced three software updates for the recently launched version OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro Smartphones, however, it seems another one could be on the way as soon as more and more users start complaining about overheating issues with the more powerful model – OnePlus 9 Pro.
OnePlus is aware of the problem, according to a report from Android Central.
“A company spokesman tells us that this is a known issue and that future updates, which are expected to be released in the next few weeks, will address the issue …” the report said.
Regarding the issue, several users have complained about overheating issues, especially when taking photos or videos on social media as well as on the OnePlus forum.
Users also share pictures from the OnePlus camera app with the warning message “Your device’s temperature is currently too high. Please pause recording for a while to lower it” or “Pictures cannot be taken because of phone temperature is also high. ” high.”
As mentioned above, the company is expected to provide a solution to the problem in the coming weeks.
The last software update – OxygenOS – was introduced just a few days ago to improve battery life, system stability and camera performance along the network connection functions.
Shortly after OnePlus released the new phones, the company rolled out the first update to improve connectivity, camera, system performance, and bug fixes. The second update – OxygenOS – introduced a number of performance improvements along with the Android security update for March 2021.


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