Oppo, Vivo expects to launch foldable smartphones with an inward-folding design

NEW DELHI: Last year, an online report found that Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Google will launch their foldable smartphones this year. The smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi recently presented its foldable smartphone – Mi Mix Fold. Now, Oppo and Vivo are also preparing for the launch of their foldable smartphones.
A Weibo tipster claims that Oppo is working on two foldable smartphones. Both smartphones should have a design that can be folded inwards. The tipster also claims that Vivo is also working on a foldable smartphone with the same design.
As mentioned above, Oppo is said to be working on two foldable smartphones, one with an 8-inch display and the other with a 7-inch display. The foldable smartphone with a 7-inch display reached mass production in January of this year. It will also be Oppo’s first foldable smartphone to hit the market. On the other hand, the foldable 8-inch smartphone is expected to hit the market later this year.
In addition to Oppo, Vivo will also develop a foldable smartphone. The tipster announced that Vivo is working on an 8-inch foldable smartphone that will offer a 6.5-inch secondary display. The smartphone is expected to have a high refresh rate and an impressive hinge design.
In addition to a foldable smartphone, Oppo will also work on a portless and button-free smartphone. The prototype of the smartphone shows that the smartphone will have a selfie camera under the display and electrochromic technology.
Another interesting feature of this prototype smartphone is that it supports both wired and wireless charging.


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