PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta: PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta brings Gorilla vs Kong content into play

PUBG Mobile The developers have discontinued beta update 1.4 for the global version of the game. The latest beta brings several new features, weapons, to the game.
Most noticeably, however, is the new Godzilla vs Kong content as part of the latest crossover collaboration.
Note that this update is available for PUBG Mobile 1.4 apk beta (global version). However, it is only available to users by invitation.
PUBG Mobile 1.4 apk beta: What’s new?
The lobby screen has been changed in the new beta update. In the lobby, you will now see a vehicle on the lobby screen.
The game is expected to get a new one too arena Map along with Godzilla vs Kong game mode in Erangel and Sanhok maps. This has already been confirmed by PUBG Mobile.
In the beta, Godzilla is already available for the Erangel card. Kong and Meta-Godzilla are expected to be in the game with the final version as well.
New performance screen that makes it easier to cycle through all achievements.
PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta apk: how to download
Disclaimer: Before proceeding with the download steps, it is important to remember that PUBG Mobile is officially banned in India. The download is at your own risk.
To download the game, search for PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta apk and download the file from a trusted website.
Once downloaded from the site, download it to your smartphone, open the game and select the resource pack
To start playing, players should tap the Guest option and enter the invite code requested in the dialog box.


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