Pubg Mobile Ban: PUBG Mobile permanently bans around 1.6 million players

PUBG Mobile has banned approximately 1.6 million players found guilty of using cheats in the game.
The game developer disclosed the details of the banned players in its April crackdown report.
According to the report, a total of 1,691,949 accounts were permanently banned from the game between March 28 and April 1.
The developers say these players violated the game’s anti-cheat policy. The report suggests that these players used third-party hacks to gain an advantage over other players and get more kills in battle royale multiplayer game.
The April Crackdown Report also reveals the cheat methods used by these players. Auto Aim Hack tops the table by 34% while 12% of players used speed hacks. Other hacks include area damage modification, character model modification, and more.
The report also provides detailed information on all banned accounts based on the game’s tier system. Around 35% of the 1.6 million players are from the bronze category, while diamond players cheat 13%.
The list of banned players also includes 12% crown level players and platinum and silver combined 11% of players who have been permanently banned from playing.
Gold tier players are 9% and 11% Ace players are also part of this wave of prohibitions. Conquest category players make up 1% of the total.
Using hacks and cheats in PUBG Mobile is not a new thing. Players have been using these hacks for a while, and PUBG Mobile’s developers have been working for some time to remove all unfair resources from the game. These banwaves are designed to remind players that unfair game practices will not be tolerated.


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